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Smart CoCo products are products that we designed to meet specific needs of people who want products that will boost their productivity and play with such products for fun. Our products take advantages of what Android Operating System has to offer, we have smart phone device call Smart-CoCoFly and Smart-CoCoPro which is a projector that makes your presentation easier with or without computer system and seamlessly integrated with Smart-CoCoFly to give better control of the presentation. We designed these systems with the help of group of smart people that understand what it takes to get most out of android system. We manufactured these prouducts with quality and performance in mind. We are smart-CoCo people that use the modern world of technologies to deliver systems that meet needs of consumers with highest quality of standard.Consumers need systems that are powerful and yet affordable that is our R & D goal and passion we had realised.

We say do more with Smart-CoCo and do more work with your remaining time.

We are smart-CoCo People.

Design for Africa

We love CocoFly.

Hey Smart-CoCos!

Fly with Smart-CoCo

Dual-Sim Android 4.0 Device with 1 Ghz processor and 2.5 GB Internal Memory with suppor up 32 GB SD-Card.

Using Smart-CoCoFly